English: There, here and over there. Basically, in a sense, to mean restless. A collection of thoughts, musings and ramblings...

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Today Google decided to change the interface of my blog editor. And removing the About Me feature....

So here it is:-

Writing is like having a good talk over a cup of coffee your best friend, with whom you are able to express all your thoughts and feelings without being judged. Without having your best thoughts and ideas hijacked. This is what writing is to me.

Sana.Sini.Situ (I translate it to English as meaning 'here, there and everywhere') was chosen as the name of my blog to reflect the random thoughts and ideas that I write about. I just have so much on my mind to share, and would write just about anything, be it a new hobby, an event I just went to or just simply musings, especially those matters close to the heart.

From the tender age of 12, I already dreamt of being a writer and started writing journals. While other kids dreamt of being doctors and lawyers, I only wanted to be a writer like Enid Blyton, my idol.

Later as I expanded on my writing ability through blogs, I found that I have no interest in writing fictional characters. I much prefer to write about real things, real experiences and real people.

If there was ever a dream job for me, it would be Travel Writer, taking time off a career path that was chosen for me, which I am having a hard time loving.

I love writing. And I love travelling, even if it meant jetsetting off to the unknown alone (and I have!).

All I need is a plan.

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