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Thursday, December 4, 2014

DiGi 4G LTE goes live in Sabah!

I am a fan of DiGi.

And the proof is this - my current mobile number, is the very same one I've had since 2007. It was a prepaid number that was purchased for a "secondary" phone, but since then has been delegated to my preferred (only!) number and upgraded to a postpaid data plan when I got my first ever smart phone.

Ahh... how time changes.

So when I heard that DiGi was launching the 4G LTE services in Kota Kinabalu, I was naturally curious. I've heard of it, but I don't know much about it. How different could it possibly be from the current network?

So I headed to Suria Sabah for the official launching last Friday, 28 November 2014.

Visiting the DiGi roadshow with KK bloggers!

Officiating the launch was Y. Bhg. Datuk Bruno Vun, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Resource Development and Information Technology in Sabah. Y.B. Datuk Siringan Gubat, Minister of Resource Development and Information Technology in Sabah,said in his message that the internet plays an important role in driving all areas of state development, and creating an ecosystem that promotes wide use of digital technology will help improve economic opportunity and standards of living.

DiGi’s 4G LTE launch officiated by Y.Bhg Datuk Bruno Vun, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Resource Development and Information Technology.

Pictured from L-R:
· Christian Thrane, DiGi’s Chief Marketing Officer
· En. K Juslly, Director of SKMM Sabah and FT Labuan
· Y.Bhg Datuk Bruno Vun, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Resource Development and Information Technology
· Loh Keh Jiat, DiGi’s Chief Sales Officer
· Prasanna Rao, DiGi’s Acting Head of Sabah Region

“We welcome DiGi’s efforts to provide easy and affordable access to high-speed mobile internet services like 4G LTE. Bringing the internet to Sabahans presents a tremendous opportunity to change their lives in a meaningful way. It will help them be more connected and take advantage of greater access to knowledge, information and economic prospects.”

Loh Keh Jiat, DiGi’s Chief Sales Officer said, “We are excited to bring 4G LTE services to a key market like Sabah, which has among the highest data users on our network. Our customers now enjoy a consistent internet experience of a minimum 1Mbps, 80% of the time on our brand-new network. The introduction of 4G LTE will strengthen this experience with more capacity and faster speeds. Customers will see the difference in faster HD video and music streaming, downloading apps and sharing on social media will almost be instant, and there is a difference when you connect your laptop with your smartphone hotspot.

“True to our mission to deliver Internet For All, we want as many people to enjoy what 4G LTE has to offer. Today, we are introducing a wide-range of LTE plans paired with the latest suite of LTE-enabled devices, both big and small screens, to fit different customer usage patterns.” 

The launching gimmick was pretty interesting. Christian Thrane, DiGi’s Chief Marketing Officer connected with Lars-Ake Norling, Chief Executive Officer of DiGi in Sweden (in case you didn't know, the majority shareholder of DiGi is Telenor ASA of Norway) through a video-call on an iPhone 6, which was hooked up to a flatscreen tv for the audience to see.

Video Call to CEO of DiGi Telecommunications

Slotting in the giant USIM as part of the launching gimmick

Well, I was gobsmacked by the seamless online interaction. No buffering, no lags, and video resolution was so clear! Like he might as well just be in a room somewhere close by (yeah, gullible is me). After many line drops during Skype conversations and Google Hangouts that are gratingly slow, I can imagine how convenient 4G LTE will make for tele-conferencing.

Throughout the roadshow area, spaces were set up to show the capabilities of the 4G LTE network - Youtube videos were streaming, games were running, etc. I was already tempted to purchase the most affordable compatible device - the Huawei Honor 6, which was priced less than RM200 with the DG Smart Plan. But of course, the ultimate choice would be the iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Need a 4G LTE compatible phone? How about the iPhone 6?
Check it out! Super fast connection!!

Worried about limited coverage? Well, DiGi plans to complete its LTE rollout for the year by strengthening its network in East Malaysia. By year-end, DiGi’s LTE population coverage in Kota Kinabalu will reach 84%, and will expand to Tawau and Labuan in Sabah, and Kuching and Miri in Sarawak. 4G LTE is also available in the Klang Valley, Penang, Kampar and Johor Bahru.

For more information on DiGi’s 4G LTE offerings, please visit: www.digi.com.my


Sunday, April 27, 2014


Sabah’s love affair with food continues!

April is truly a month for celebration - as food lovers and bakery aficionados can now indulge in even more sumptuous delights at the upcoming Kota Kinabalu Food & Bakery Bake Fiesta (KKFBBF) held on 26-27 April 2014 at Suria Sabah Shopping Complex, Ground Floor, Atrium.

KK city is known as a laidback, friendly city and is home to a kaleidoscope of mixed races of Sabah natives, Chinese, Bruneian, Indian, Japanese, Korean and Western folk as well. This cultural mix is the result of our city’s history and community from the time it was known as Jesselton – until it became Kota Kinabalu when Malaysia was formed in 1963.

Before 1880s, there was not a variety of food in Sabah. Natives would walk along the Salt Trails from the hilly areas of the Crocker Range to the coastline to barter jungle resources for salted fish and other produce. However, the first bakery shop opened near Gaya Street (along Jalan Pantai block) in the early 1900s and since then, people of KK have grown to love bakery as part and parcel of their everyday life.

As our city grew, so did its population. People from different backgrounds and origins who travelled to KK and fell in love with our city life here, brought along their own staple foods, which can now be enjoyed by everyone. Therefore the kind of food featured in KKFBBF 2014 is in fact, a showcase of the variety of delicious food now available in KK and we are proud to have been able to bring them all together in this event.

There will be eight (8) categories of food and bakery-related aspects featured during KKFBBF 2014:

1)                 Restaurants
2)                 Cafes
3)                 Bakery
4)                 Food & Beverage (F&B) franchises
5)                 Food Academy
6)                 F&B Producer/Supplier
7)                 Consumer/Household Products
8)                 Food Kiosk

Apart from the amazing array of culinary and bakery delights offered, there will be numerous exciting activities during KKFBBF 2014 including a ‘Pizza acrobatic performance’ introduced by Fonterra brands (M) Sdn. Bhd., a Candy Grab Games, a ‘Guess the Weight of The Cake’ contest, a virtual Sushi making challenge, as well as a Cupcake & Cake Deco competition. These activities will be held during the two-day event – with attractive prizes to be won by the lucky winners.

A live cooking demonstration using Thermomix – noted as ‘the world’s smartest cookware system’ will be one of the highlights of KKFBBF 2014. Ascot Academy KK Food & Bakery Bake Fiesta Official Academy will also be doing a culinary presentation to showcase their student’s spectacular culinary skills - and visitors to KKFBBF 2014 will also have the opportunity to learn DIY fondant art sponsored by Angie Cake Art.

School kids will also have a chance to take part in a Drawing & Colouring competition organized by GlobalArt (Damai) in conjunction with KKFBBF 2014. Let their creativity shine as they pit their drawing skills, ideas and colouring talents to win special prizes proudly sponsored by The Cups.

Are you an expert at taking selfies? Take part in the ‘Easy Chef’ Selfie Contest sponsored by Glory International Holdings Sdn. Bhd. As the supplier for chef international apparels, they will be giving away attractive prizes to the Winner voted the Most Creative in their selfie photo. It’s that simple!

All walk-in visitors to KKFBBF 2014 will have a chance to enjoy the innovation and nutritional goodness of ‘3-second fresh lemonade’ during the Thermomix cooking demo as well as to try free samples of tasty food and pastries offered daily during the event. Visitors will also be entitled to register free for the Lucky Draw contest and are eligible to redeem one bottle of drinking water each from K2, on a first-come-first-serve basis.

For those planning to indulge their taste buds at the upcoming KKFBBF 2014, they are also encouraged to visit each participating food stall - as each food stall will also be having their own food promotion activity and contests happening at their respective booths.  

KKFBBF 2014 is a happy celebration of KK lifestyle, good cuisine and bakery – just the way that KK city folks like it. Enjoy good food, enjoy Life!  

We hope that Sabahans, fellow Malaysians, our guests from other countries will all come and join us to savor the delectable array of dishes, cakes, pastries and other food items that will be featured at the food stations, prepared by 39 of Kota Kinabalu’s best food outlets and suppliers. Entrance is Free and we warmly welcome the public to bring their families for an enjoyable family weekend experience.

KKFBBF 2014 is organized by Eleventh Avenue Marketing and co-organized by KK Food Events Dot Com together with Seedcreation.com. We proudly supported by The Glass Restaurant @ Suria Sabah Shopping Complex, as the press conference venue sponsor with 1Bakery as our event co-sponsor.

K2 is the Official Drinking Water for KKFBBF 2014, together with INDOCAFE, Ayam Brand and TheCups as event product sponsors and we are also proud to be supported by the prestigious Ascot Academy for this inaugural event in Kota Kinabalu. 

We would also like to thank the local media for their support and for highlighting this event. Good things are meant to be shared – and thus we hope that you too, will also come to try the food during the event and share our celebration of food and cuisine.
Last but not least, we would like to express our sincere appreciation and thank you to all our amazing sponsors and wonderful participants for their participation in KKFBBF 2014. Thank you so much for being part of this event and we hope that we will see your participation again in the near future.


Monday, February 3, 2014


"Why can't you just be like your brother?"

Like a stinging slap to the face, the words hit me with a force so sudden and sharp. 

He looks at me with accusing eyes. I lowered my gaze to my hands, resting so peacefully, on the smooth, cool surface of the marble topped table, oblivious to the tension mounting in the room. I dare not speak, for fear of words that would never make sense. In fact it never really made sense to me.

Why couldn't I be like my brother? Successful, rich, respected. I had the same credentials as he, maybe even better! Not only did I slave through 3 years studying towards achieving an a bachelor's degree in Accounting, I was nuts enough to sit through several professional exams and spend another year doing a masters in the subject.

I should be rolling in dough by now. Living the dream, perhaps in the proverbial ivory tower with all the great comforts of the world. Riding high in top level management.

But I'm not. 

I have always maintained that I hated every single accounting job that I've ever held, because I didn't have the passion or the heart. It was something I firmly believed for a long time, the best "excuse" that fit into why I wasn't doing the best that I could be doing.

Not that I was really looking for an excuse. I wanted to understand what was happening to me. Why I couldn't do what so many people were doing - finding joy in the work. After all, wasn't this the very area of specialty that I had pursued with so much vigor just a few years back? 

I mean, a Masters? Who goes and does things like that for fun, like seriously. A potential employer poked fun at that during an interview.

A lot of days, I just feel like one big.... no, colossal failure.  That I couldn't carry through a secure job so that I could live comfortably. For me and my child, who needed me to be financially secure. I was ashamed, and bowed my head when people talk of their successes so far out of reach for me. I felt like I was stupid, regardless of the grades I received. 

I pondered about it, when it finally hit me one fine day, while I was rereading some of my blog posts from the past. 

A recurring pattern - I had often put a lot of blame on myself for never sticking to things long enough to see my efforts bear any fruit. But now, reading the heart and soul of someone I can now view as "someone else", I can see what happened.

I left my first job, because I wanted to get away and live the life that I always wanted. Ok fine, the official excuse was that I went back to study, but... I wanted to live the life of someone else. Someone I wasn't allowed to be.

Second job, I left because I wanted to disappear into the abyss. Again to break free from the chains that held me, so I could run wild and free, where a certain someone could never find me again.

Those two jobs formed the basis of the career path that I was supposed to be on. I realised now that I focused so much on what I was doing wrong at work, without thinking about those other times I wasn't at work. What was I doing?

For the most part, I was dealing with a lot of pressure from expectations as a wife and mother, even more so in an abusive relationship. I used to wake up in mornings, feeling trapped and hopeless. This is not something you can shake off during work hours. It didn't matter that he wasn't actually physically present. It mattered that he could affect my thoughts and my feelings through the people around me.

I didn't realise it then, but it was a huge challenge to be focused on a career when someone hated you so much for even having one. It was a challenge to be happy at work, when your mind could hardly focus on the required tasks, when constant worries take up much of your head space.

And to think of it, I even gave up a big break - an offer to work with a big 4 firm in cosmopolitan KL, because the threat that I might be harmed while I was there was too real.

I look at the big mess that is my CV today. People can ask me what is it that I really want, or question the reasons behind why I left this and that and so on. I couldn't always say.

People may never understand, looking at my life in a purely superficial sense. I could have had it all, but life chose that I am not to.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Dive Trip To Look Forward To!

Birthdays are so much more fun when we spend it doing things that we love and with our friends.

This is why being a scuba diver is awesome. How many people do you know have the option of celebrating their birthday under the sea?

This month we are celebrating the birthdays of 2 of our precious friends! :-) Nothing like the feeling of "singing" underwater and cutting "cake" while being observed by our little fishy friends...

This is me, btw, holding a "cake" while Ryan, Majoree & Chester "sings" me a birthday song underwater. I am assuming they are. LOL
The photo above was taken during a dive trip that I made with friends for my birthday in August 2012. My friend Majoree made the "cake" and we had fun making that photo, but my friend Jan is a little sore because at that time she wasn't able to join our group as she did not have her licence yet and had to join in the Discover Scuba Dive group instead.

And because it was SO much fun, we want to do it again! And yes, this time Jan has a licence to dive ;-) and we have a bigger group!!

Dive Downbelow was so kind enough to give me great rates for this trip (3 dives!), with a free 1-year membership for the KK Diving Club! Having this membership means special discounts for dive equipment and special rates for diving trips, and the membership normally costs RM150.00 per year.

So yeah, we're lucky!!

I've particularly enjoyed using their services before, having done my Advanced Open Water certification with them. 

Can't wait!

Catch you Downbelow, soon!!!


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