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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

25 things about me

1. My mum sent me to ballet classes from a young age because my mum didn't want me to have spinal surgery to correct scoliosis like my poor sister did, but I think my mum mostly did it because she wanted me to do the things that she didn't get to do and couldn't get my sister to do it.
2. At 16 I dashed my mum's hopes of me ever becoming a prima ballerina ;-) because I decided to quit and take up taekwondo instead. Which she thought would turn me into a stomping hulk of a girl.
3. I am interested in so many things at once, that I believe that I am never focused enough on one interest to be really good at it.
4. I spent a lot of time on stage when I was younger. I remember my first performance was a tap dancing routine for a high school event when I was 8?? or 9? When I was barely in my teens I started earning some pocket money by dancing on stage for events.
5. I was well on my target to study Environmental Science at university in NZ when I got pregnant and had to put my dreams back on the shelf.
6. I never felt more at peace with the whole world than right after I gave birth to Ashley. Because I didn't give her up and accepted God's great gift bestowed on me.
7. Because of my pregnancy, I was forced to marry the father of my child, which I didn't want to and people kept trying to make me believe it was for the best. I tried to make the best of it for many years, but in the end you can't stop me from growing up and being the person I was meant to be.
8. I am angry that some people criticize me for following my heart and leaving a relationship that I believe doesn't benefit me or gives me the comfort or space to grow that I believe should come out of it. They didn't have to marry the first boyfriend/girlfriend they ever had. If they had, would they have been content?
9. I am a very sentimental person. I keep a lot of things because I can't bear to throw them away and I cry at movies or any scenes on tv that touches my heart.
10. The craziest thing I ever did for a guy was to quit my job and travel halfway around the world just so I could spend time with him for 2 weeks.
11. I believe the best time of my life so far was the year when I turned 26, because it was then that I finally discovered myself. Not surpressed into another person's ideals.
12. My dream is to explore the world and experience as much as I can.
13. I tore a ligament in my left knee while I was fooling around with a punching bag on my 2nd week of university in Australia. Great introduction ;-)
14. I feel uncomfortable when people ask about my love life and marital status, because unlike a lot of people I don't have rosy pictures to paint or things to boast about.
15. Eventhough I still have yet to find my 'happily ever after', I am optimistic that one day I will. I am a hopeless romantic after all.
16. I love listening to all kinds of music, but my favourites usually fall within country, acoustic rock and jazz categories.
17. My dream guy would be someone who is a whiz in the kitchen. Like Curtis Stone or Jamie Oliver ;-) and especially one who makes me laugh and in turn, laughs at my jokes.
18. Both the men that I have loved in my life I met at sporting activities. One at a taekwondo class, the other at a golf course.
19. My dream house would be furnished entirely by IKEA ;-)
20. I love watching or reading ghost stories, but not when I am alone.
21. When I was much much much younger, I aspired to be a writer. My favourite author back then was Enid Blyton, especially her stories about boarding schools and the faraway tree.
22. I have a big collection of books, which I read over and over and over again and still enjoy it everytime.
23. I still enjoy watching the Disney channel :-P
24. A lot of times I still dream that I live at my old house, where I grew up in KK.
25. When I first worked in Labuan, the initial plan was that I stay only for a year then migrate to Australia. 3 years gone by and I am still here, not because I don't want to move, but because there is never enough funds.


Revisiting my favourite emails

This was forwarded to me by email some time ago. No idea who wrote it, but it is so true and funny :-) I love being Sabahan :-D

You are a true Sabahan when...
1) You drive at right lane of the road, with a speed of only 50 KM/H. If people horn behind you, you still don't know what's wrong.
2) You have the luxury of working from 8 AM to 5 PM (get off work punctually).
3) You don't believe that there is any 'clean' politician in Sabah.
4) You feel 'obligated' to reach the top of Mount Kinabalu at least once in a lifetime.
5) You prefer a big car than a big house (probably you can't drive a big house around to show off).
6) You wear slipper and short wherever you go, even in city.
7) You still think that Labuan belongs to Sabah.
8) You will not go to any FREE seminar / function that has no food or refreshment.
9) You don't care about service. You just want things cheap, cheap, cheap.
10) You know where to get your candles and torch light quickly in the total darkness (due to training by frequent blackout).
11) You know what 'aramaitiee' means...
12) You shout 'referee bodoh' and at the same time throw mineral water bottles on the pitch during a football match at Likas Stadium..
13) Your Timorese maid ran away with her lover, taking your money or jewellery along..
14) You doubt someone's mykad wether it is real or fake..
15) Your favourite assemblyman whom you vote and supported all this while...gambled away and lost a whopping 60 million ringgit in a London casino..
16) You go inside a karaoke at 12 pm and realise that the place is still open at 5 am...
17) You come across a supposedly local person but with a very foreign accent..
18) You cannot vote in an election because someone has voted on behalf of you...
19) You own a bakakuk Tambahan

.... you are Sabahan if u say and understand these words....
1. tuuuna/ saaaana - points with the lips - (there-- at a distance)(the longer the 'tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuna / saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaana' the further the place is.)
2. limpas (to pass/walk by - Maaf, saya > limpas dulu? Excuse me, can I passby?
3. palui (stupid, duh! )
4. tapuk (to hide )
5. bida (ugly)
6. bubut (as in proper malay- 'kejar', to chase)
7. sakai (ignorant, uncivilized, 'hoosier')
8. andang-andang (that's how it is)
9. sapak (kasi campur/gaul --utk masakan-to mix as in cooking)
10. inda/tia (short form of 'tidak' - not, no)
11. wicin (another brand of msg as in 'aji-no- moto' - a seasoning or food enhancer)
12. talampau (proper malay - 'terlampau'- too much)
13. takajut (proper malay - 'terkejut' - shocked, startled)
14. siorang (proper malay -'kami'/ 'saya-orang' - us, we)
15. ngam-ngam (proper malay 'kebetulan' - exact, at that time)
16. mangkali (proper malay 'barangkali' - maybe, perhaps)
17. kamarin (proper malay 'kelmarin' - yesterday)
18. kanapa (proper malay 'kenapa' - why)
19. gia (__expression - 'is it?')
20. bah (__expression - 'ok!')
21. ah? (question, 'Apa?' What?)
22. kici/kicil (proper malay 'kecil' - small)
23. basar (proper malay 'besar' - big, huge)
24. siok (__expression/description, proper malay 'seronok' - enjoyable, great, etc-)
25. urang ('orang' - people; sometimes used 'diurang' - them, they)
26. karing ('kering' - dry)
27. umban ('humban, lempar' - throw)
28. kana ('kena'- got ie--'kena umban' --got thrown)
29. padih ('pedih' - as in 'Mata saya padih/pedih!' - My eyes stings, painful)
30. numbur ('nombor' - number)
31. gali ('geli' as in squeemish about something, or 'gali'--gali lubang - as in Dig a hole.)
32. dorang ('dia orang/diurang' - them, they - Dorang pigi tamu. They went to the market.)
33. panat ('penat' - tired)
34. katawa ('ketawa' - laugh, laughing)
35. lanjang (a.k.a. 'periuk /belanga ' - pots/pans)
36. putung ('potong' - cut, slice)
37. Buduh ('bodoh' - stupid)
38. tongo/bongo ('stupido' - same as above )
39. kabaru-baruan ('kebaru-baruan'- new to something)
40. giuk (proper malay 'ulat'- worm)
41. Sikui (Tembikai - watermelon)
42. Santut (Underwear)
43. celana/salana (Seluar)
44. gipit (to grip...)
45. kanapatan/kadapatan (caught red handed.. or as the malays in kl say..'kantoi')
46. kebangkalan (choked while eating..proper malay = 'tersedak')
47. ketulahan (bad karma)
48. bahai (plastic bag)
49. uinnaaa! (used to express various feelings, mostly when surprised..)
50. ging (derived from the word gang.. means kawan/member)
51. Tontolou = Uncle Johnny
52. Pantat = Butt<---tp di semenanjung,lain tuh kan? eee... ya ba pula.. Di sabah .. belakang ..tapi di semenanjung di Depan pulak .. silap .. LOL
53. Cula = Coke or Coca-cola...lol
54 Torrrrrbaik = The Best...lol
55. Bikin panas = feeling angry...HHAH - HOt kununlah..True to my roots.. I have one to contribute
56. Tambirang = Don't lie.. (eg. Jangan kau tembirang)
57. Sabak ---- means baru ko tau... in english = I TOLD U...
58. Kotoh ---- Means as same like Sabak...
59. Lakas = Lekas/Cepat (Faster)
60. Bobot = Vagina
61. Balabak = Scrotum
62. Kalatiak = Ketiak (Armpit)
63. Duiiii dogo! = My goodness!! / Oh my!!
64. Seluar Katak - underwear
65. siring siring - side / on the side
66. taapun - a phrase used when unable to get the things desired
67. palis palis - touch wood
68 tachut - our version of touch wood
69. gostan - reverse
70. gohed - forward
71. ayuk - swinging movement of the arm in the marble game. can also mean to masturbate
72. taiih - shit / feaces / or just a curse word
73. kogutan - hangover
74. Sepuluh Tiga (10-3) - RM10 for three cans of beer (well in those days lah)
75. muhau - crazy
76. takana - hit (BM is terkena)
77. tekuis - same like like takana
78. kapayas / tapayas - papaya
79. api api - kota kinabalu
80. (sia) bilang - said
81. skijap - soon / in a short while / later
82. tinguk - (tengok) to look
83. hari satu - monday
84. hari dua - tuesday
85. hari tiga - wednesday
86. hari ampat - thursday
87. hari lima - friday
88. hari anam - saturday
89. SOT - crazy (like me)
90. thai lingong - worse than buduh
91. karan - electricity
92. butul - in BM 'betul'

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