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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I blinked, and already it is the end of January 2010 and my last post was.....??? Been too busy to write, which maybe, is a very good sign :-)

The new year celebrations came and went without much of an impact on me. In fact, it was just like any day for me - I stayed home with the kids and did some cleaning up while waiting for the clock to strike midnight. At the moment, the boxes are just littering the room that I am staying in. I do wonder if I should really unpack everything, just in case I decide I can't stand anymore of interfering parents and decide to move :-p but it doesn't look like I will be finding my own place yet anytime soon. Basically I am only home a few hours a day, I work 8-5, but I have to leave the house by 7 am and I come home after 6pm, or later if I decide to hit the gym first. Yes, I made a new year resolution to keep fit (but not stick thin), but seems like climbing the steps of the college all day and standing in front of the class has done some part of the trimming for me. I noticed the other day that I have lost at least 3 kg. Hooray for me! Now where is that chocolate sundae ;-)

So, why no big new year celebration for me? After what I have been through the past year, I don't really think I can sum it all up in just one day. Or... since it is a new decade, the past 10 years. Well, I am striving for big changes in my life, but I don't need to wait for the new year to start. Anyway, I don't have my usual flock of good friends here to hang out with :-( another reason for not celebrating.

No celebration, but I have some hopes for this year. 1 - That I finally find meaning and purpose in the work I do. At my last job, I have completely lost the reason for what I do, after going through numbers mindlessly. A job which could have been done by someone with half my qualification. 2 - Find L.O.V.E. and not let it slip through my fingers again this time. I know I am a hopeless romantic despite the heartbreaks and disappointments of the past. I still believe, being the lovefool that I am. I even recently joined an online dating site for my far and wide search of the 'One' :-p 3 - Was mentioned earlier, want to keep fit! Just that my knee still bothers me, which is a bummer. 4 - Travel! I cannot emphasize again how much I dream of travelling the world, and no, not on those fixed tour schedules. I am not interested in taking pictures just to show the world that I have been there, but I would like to immerse myself in the culture, feel the atmosphere, breathe in the air and really explore the place. I miss those days in Brissie when I would look at the bus routes on my free time and go 'hmmm... haven't been to that place before, sounds interesting' and just get on the bus to see where it takes me :-) 5 - Save money. So that I can travel, what else?? :-p

11 months left to fulfil my hopes and dreams, what am I waiting for?? Cheers!

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