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Wednesday, September 2, 2009



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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


World Class. I think those are the most favoured words of the big-shot Malaysians, while building something new, making big business/political plans and so on. I would even say that it is an obsession, next to the word 'International'. How many times would you have come across these words lately? In my opinion, too many times, to the point of being overly egoistic and pretentious.

Ok, so we can boast of having the world's first smart identity cards, known as MyKads, which stores biometric information such as fingerprints, handy info such as driving license information, and it even doubles as an ATM card! However, most of these services are not available to people outside of West Malaysia, or maybe even Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya because the tech equipment available is not yet up to par. Hmmmm.........

And while we are boasting about our dreams of being a technically advanced nation, we are actually forgetting that there are some rural areas in Malaysia that don't even have a reliable source of electricity. Oh, by the way, have you tried searching for useful information on the government websites? A hopeless mission, I can tell you that. After some fruitless searching about procedures and processes, information given is either outdated/non-existent or links provided are just empty promises. Integration among departments are virtually non-existent as well. I can say this from experience, after filling out numerous forms and being interviewed/ interrogated over and over by each department about the same subject just to get one thing done.

Realisation of the concept of a paperless government is still eons away, I am afraid.

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